Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barossa Wine Tasting at The Oak Barrel

Bucketing down. Dashing through the rain drops on a Wednesday evening is not my idea of an ideal way to start a wine tasting. Or maybe it is. I deserve every sip.

A Barossa tasting of two of the stalwarts who are part of the reason this region is world renown, and two emerging which I’ve been hearing a lot about but hadn’t had the opportunity to try at The Oak Barrel.

OK. Must admit, this is one of my favourite Australian wineries, it is just so good. Mr Nomad and I were in the Barossa last year and we have nothing but amazing cellar door reminisces and there are wines here tonight that I had never tried.

2009 The Steading Banc - Price $46.95

The Steading Banc being one of them. This is like a red in a glass when you feel like white. Make sense? Hmmm – 55% Roussanne 25% Marsanne 20% Viognier – RMV, catchy? Thinking so! I would like crustacea. And some peas.

2009 Les Amis Grenache - Price $210

Planted in 1901 these bush vines look like knuckles breaching the soil. This is a low yielding crop but it is amazing and, at 15.2% alcohol, a big wine. This has been aged in new French oak for 18 months. I didn’t want this wine to end. I know it will just get better with age, but this is good drinking now – 2011!

Courtesy of clarendonhills.com.au

2008 Weapons of Mass Seduction – Price $80

Best name of the night goes to Kaeslers 2008 WOMS Shiraz Cabernet. WOMS – Weapon of Mass Seduction. I can see men touting this line to a sleuth of women come Friday night. A 64% Shiraz and 34% Cabernet blend, winemaker Reid Bosward has nailed the best of Aussie terrior. My pick of the Kaesler bunch.   

This family owned winery from the Vine Vale(this is not a typo) region of the Barossa, where son Christian Canute is winemaker.

2008 The Driftsand Grenache Shiraz - Price $32.95

Fruit, fruit, fruit. Soft tannins and juice like a punch in the face. 60% Grenache, 40% Shiraz, and the Shiraz is coming through nicely. The work this family has put in to get Grenache back and growing after an 80’s exodus has been well worth the effort. Cleared to make room for popular white varieties, grafting the Grenache back on to the vines has been a great success.

2009 Good Shepard Cabernet Malbec - Price $49.95

I’ve never had this blend. I know – rookie! Now I will drink more of this blend. Almost sweet to begin with, it finishes with soft silky tannins, and then my tasting splash is all gone. No spittoon for you my new friend!

Due to a fellow taster who seems to be a Rusden follower from way back, I find out that Rusden also do a Chenin Blanc and a Zinfandel that is worth seeking out.

Ben Chipman and Toby Yap now have a wine label of their own after making their mark at many Barossa wineries. And what a label – with the byline “the coming together of all things foolish”, I have a smile on my face even before I try the wine. Isn’t that what it’s all about, not taking ourselves too seriously?

2009 Black and Blue Shiraz - Price $42.95

Pleasantly surprised and then some. With vines between 30 and 150 years of age, this wine was well structured with the smooth, flowing, long lined finish I was hoping for.

2008 Artful Dodger Shiraz - Price $95

This new vintage will age well. Quite a deep purple, the flavour is there – quite earthy with lots of berries and, once laid down, will develop into a full bodied, cheeky red with which to impress. Note to self: do not drink upon purchase.

Note: Go to the Tomfoolery website! I would love to know more about the graphics – to be a part of that marketing meeting would have been amazing. Join their ‘Skullduggery Club’ for further information.

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